Z93 DJ Bios


Jennifer Blackwell - Local News

Jennifer hails from Southeastern Arizona … Safford to be exact!  She was born and raised there and has only lived one other place besides Yuma (that was Pecos, TX when she was 7!)  Jennifer got her start in radio working weekends at KATO/KXKQ in Thatcher, AZ.  In 1993, Jennifer relocated to Yuma to be with her husband, Jeff (a native Yuman!) The two have been married since 1994 and they have a son, Jace, who attends Yuma High School. Jennifer started working for Uno Broadcasting in 1993, then moved over to Commonwealth Broadcasting  where she worked for the former KYXI and KYJT (The Jet). In 1997 she made the move over to KJOK and KEZC which are  now Z93 (KLJZ 93.1 FM) and Outlaw Country (KCYK AM-1400).  From 1998 to 2005 Jennifer was the co-host and Producer of “The Talk of Yuma” show on KJOK, then became the News Director for both stations in 2005.

In her spare time Jennifer loves photography, watching comedies, traveling to the mountains and spending time with family and friends.  Jennifer also loves animals and she has one cat, Rodimus,  that she rescued in 2006.  Jennifer is a social media nut and loves technology, Mexican food and enjoying a funny movie with someone as warped as she is!

Chris Hatton

When I’m not on the late night shift, you might find me on the ice (lying down), in the fairway (hopefully) or in the gym (really?).

I also do my fair share of hiking and biking, weather permitting of course.

After 10 plus years, I still love entertaining people and I’m thankful every day that you give me that opportunity.

Jason Bowers

Jason Bowers knows pop culture better than you do. He's been filling his head with everything entertainment since he was a kid and he's unleashed it on radio listeners every day. He uses his acid tongue, and puts you at ease with his "best friend" demeanor.

When Jason's not talking about celebs he's talking to them, handling interviews here and formerly at powerhouse stations STAR 98-7 and KIIS in Los Angeles. Jason was also previously heard on XM Satellite Radio, as well as stations in San Diego, Riverside, Bakersfield, and his hometown of Allentown, PA (yes, the same Allentown of which Billy Joel sings). Jason has, sadly, never met Mr. Joel.

Jason has been seen in TV commercials (Saturn), heard in national TV commercials (On Star with Jimmy Fallon) and has appeared on Comedy Central's The Man Show and ABC's General Hospital. He’s also performed improv, sketch, and standup at The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Groundlings, Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin.

Jason loves electronics and gadgets (especially his TiVo and his iPhone). Take him to an electronics superstore and he'll be your friend forever. Jason Bowers is a joy to have in class.


Dan Hardee

I’m Dan.  6 foot 8.  Size 15 shoe and I’ve never played basketball.

Many people ask if I’ve always been this tall. No, not always. My poor mother would’ve been quite upset giving birth to a 6 foot 8 inch child. She already gives me enough trouble about the16 hours of labor. I was 5 foot 6 10-year-old and my only group photography experience in life has been in the back row, therefore I figured I needed to be tall, loud and silly, so I got into radio.

I’m pretty sure I was born 10 years too late because I love 80’s music. Back To The Future is the greatest movie of all time, and should’ve won an Academy Award for everything. When you listen to my show, you’ll probably hear about me playing a joke on my best friend by creating him a fake Facebook account pretending to be him and adding everyone we went to high school with, or some kind of other shenanigan that I hope make you giggle just a little bit.