Emergency Cash Assistance, Clothing & Basic Needs

American Red Cross
Phone (928) 782-0660
180 W 1st St, Yuma

Emergency assistance to victims of residential disasters with basis needs. These services may include: food, clothing, shelter, medical/vision needs.

Assistance League of Yuma
Phone (928) 782-9314
1045 S. 4th Ave.

Operation School Bell provided new clothing assistance to students. Contact local school nurse to refer student for clothing assistance.

Crossroads Mission
Phone (928) 783-9362
944 S. Arizona Ave.

Clothing Assistance for adults & families.

DES Cash Assistance Program
Phone (928) 782-7101
1220 S. 4th Ave.

This program is a non-recurring payment that can be received ONLY once in a 12 month period. The payment is designed to meet a specific crisis situation of need.

Mission Assembly of God
Phone (928) 329-1099
3767 West 18th Place

Food & Clothing Assistance.

Morningside Baptist Church
Phone (928) 344-2360
2900 S. Eighth Avenue

Food & Clothing Assistance.

Salvation Army
Phone (928) 783-0781
1701 S. Arizona Ave.

Clothing, Utility payment assistance, emergency housing/hotel assistance limited.

Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church
Phone (928) 726-6680
150 West 28th Street

Food & Clothing Assistance.

St. Vincent DePaul/ St. Francis Church
Phone (928) 782-4224
1481 W 3rd St, Yuma

Clothing Assistance for adults & families, minor emergency cash assistance.

The River Church
Phone (928) 376-6771
1535 S. 8th Avenue

Food & Clothing Assistance.

Phone (928) 782-1886
3RD Ave & 3rd St.

Program can assist with utilities, loss of income from no fault of your own.

W.I.C. (women, infants, children)
Phone (928) 317-4500
2200 W. 28th St.

Supplemental food vouchers for infants.