Community Support & Transportation Services

Adult Day Health Care
Phone (928) 783-8316

A less expensive alternative to nursing home placement. Care givers get a needed break and their loved one participates in meaningful activities. Nursing/meals provided.

Phone 928-539-7076
1495 S 4th Ave

Transportation for individuals age 60 plus and or disabled, Dial-A-Ride can take persons almost any place in the greater Yuma area. Getting to appointments or running errands is as easy as making a phone call. Must obtain a certification card from the YMPO designating eligibility for this service. You may register at the office of the YMPO located at 502 S. Orange Avenue in Yuma, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Regional Center for Border Health, Inc.
Phone (928) 627-0190

Provides safe, efficient, courteous and prompt medical transportation services. Requires prior coordination and scheduling. Free transportation to and from San Luis Walk-in Clinics in Yuma and San Luis.

Saguaro Foundation/Group Homes
Phone (928) 783-6069

Care for the developmentally disabled adults in the Yuma community. Work preparation skills, activities of daily living, therapeutic program plans, and meals, medical care, transportation, and room and board are provided.

Saguaro Foundation Transportation Services (STS)
Phone (928) 783-6069

Provides safe, efficient, courteous and prompt transportation services to individuals with special needs such as the disabled and elderly persons of Yuma County. Also provides transportation services to the income disadvantaged persons in all of Yuma County.

SMILE Program (Services Maximizing Independent Living & Empowerment)
Phone (928) 329-6681

Capacity building supports mission critical functions that result in improved independence, health and safety for persons with disabilities.

Yuma Area Transit YCAT
Phone (928) 783-2235

Fixed route Public Transit bus system currently in service in our area and is growing very quickly. As of May 05, YCAT passengers enjoy the option of utilizing five different synchronized sector routes including transfer locations. These routes operate 6 days a week excluding Sundays and holidays, an average of 12 hours a day, and arrive at each designated stop only 1:05 min. apart.

Yuma Center for Visually Impaired
Phone (928) 726-1310

Provides services for visually impaired and multi-handicapped persons, socialization, and recreation, community activities, in home evaluations including kitchen safety, referral, and resources adaptive appliances. Limited transportation.